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Mixing Music & Media With Halifax DJ/Promoter Jami Gaudet

Jeana Mustain talks to DJ, Promoter and Halifax resident Jami Gaudet about his craft of passion as one-half of the DJ duo Wet Paint, and his founding position as managing editor of Sunken Sounds, a new media music publication that’s quickly picking up steam.

The Beer Patrice Bids Farewell to St. John’s

In an unfortunate turn of events for the local music scene, The Beer Patrice sadly announced that their show at The Levee on Saturday, January 31st would be their last for the foreseeable future. This, however, does not spell the end of the mayhem. We spoke with the current line-up about the band’s past and their open-ended future.

East Coast Expat — A Trip Home With BD Allison

With the holidays out of the way, it is time to say goodbye to those east-coasters returning to their schools, jobs and lives away from home. For contributor BD Allison, a trip home is seen as an opportunity to catch up on an array of Atlantic and Maritime bands.

Labels, Tour and Toutons: Solids Return to St. John’s

This weekend Montreal two-piece Solids are paying a routine visit to their Fog Friends with a Saturday night show in St. John’s. Xavier Germain Poitras and Louis Guillemette have toured here twice before but some things have changed since their last stop on the island. I caught up with Xavier and Louis at Halifax Pop Explosion to find out about what’s been going on with the band.