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Vulva Culture’s In Vain is Duality in Motion

Vulva Culture is the culmination of personal trauma, interpersonal upheaval, and the small struggles that bring peace within the self. Amy V writes songs that are admittedly ripped straight from her journal. On August 21st the band released In Vain, the first of two planned EP’s this year.

See You at Sappy

Swamp magic is a special intoxicant available only at SappyFest. It’s the type of magic produced when you take one of the best curated festivals in Canada, put it in one of New Brunswick’s most picturesque towns, and hold it every year on one of the best weekends of the summer.

Maintaining a Fiendship

Ben Burnett chats with Halifax garage rockers Best Fiends about their new album, fitting into a new scene, and the band’s romantic origin story.

Shadowy Folk From A Shadowy Province

Shadow Folk are one of many young, psychedelic-influenced bands making great music in Halifax right now. Contributor Ben Burnett caught up with Justin McGrath to talk about the making of their new EP Mystery Park, as well as his approach to collaboration and songwriting.

Shifty Business: Fredericton Fest Turns Inf4rno

Fredericton’s favourite cult festival is back this July as Shifty Bits Circus turns Inf4rno. Ben Burnett caught up with organizer Penelope Stevens of the Shifty Bits Cult to talk conceptual and organizational planning of the Circus, and mindfully challenging the gender disparity in music festival culture.

Flipping Tapes: Getting the Wrap on Poncho Records

Ben Burnett catches up with Justin Murphy of Halifax’s Poncho Records to get the ins-and-outs of running a small label in the Maritimes, how talented friends can bring a label a long way, and the making of the Poncho Records Compilations.

Power Pop Love Letters: An Interview With The Grubbies

The Grubbies’ jam-space is a basement deep in Halifax’s residential north end. The stuffy room is decorated with mattresses propped up against windows, pillows and egg cartons strapped to vents, old coffee cups, tall cans of beer, and coke bottles. Wires hang from the ceiling and cover the floor. It’s not messy, but it’s lived in. And it’s the jam-spot of more than a few local bands; artists like the Saffrons, Walrus, Shadow Folk, Robert Loveless and Scott Nicks practice in the space.