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Shed Island Presents: Botfly Tonight in St. John’s

Shed Island presents their first showcase of the year as Haligonian hardcore trio Botfly brings their brand of abrasive sludge punk to Distortion tonight in St. John’s. Check out our conversation with Botfly from earlier this week as we discuss the weather, their upcoming releases, and their visit to St. John’s this weekend.

Punk Tank #03: A Listen to the New Mind Violence EP

Though their outfit may consist of 3/5 current members of St. John’s hardcore mainstays Weak Link, Mind Violence effortlessly succeed at stamping out a distinct and impressionable bite while chewing through the six tracks on their newest EP.

The Punk Tank #02: Grump

The Punk Tank runs down the discography of Haligonian hardcore freaks Grump, and hits up vocalist Marshall Brush for some questions about their upcoming 7”, chorus pedals and the east coast condition for hardcore.