Lion’s Share 7″ Now Available via Warthog Speak Records

Lions and Warthogs and punks, oh my.

We figured this was an essential billet to tack up on the ol’ bulletin blog. Especially for all the fellow punk aficionados.

Earlier this year, the St. John’s punk rock wrecking ball known as Lion’s Share dropped their second self-released cassette. The tape is a fierce and focussed continuation of the grisly UK street punk meets old school hardcore sound that Lion’s Share rolled out on their debut demo. The new tape caught the attention of California-based punk label Warthog Speak who have now pressed the 6 songs on a 7″ record.

You can check out the tracks for yourself on the Lion’s Share bandcamp and order the 7″ on the Warthog Speak web shop. Copies will be available locally in St. John’s via the band in late December.

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