Enter The ICYDUNGEON With PELLEY’s New Beat Tape

PELLEY may reside in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, but that hasn’t prevented the young and burgeoning producer from working remotely with the likes of Virginia-via-California rapper Yung Xela as a part of Fatal Faction, or slow down his upcoming collaborative joints with fellow producers such as supagucci of New York.

While working close to home, PELLEY has mingled with the finest of Newfoundland rap flavours such as Dope Piece, MAK11 and sedymane. But now, the signature psychedelic trap of PELLEY’s algid production ability is getting the beat tape treatment with eight sleety instrumental cuts from the ICYDUNGEON.

PELLEY started making music 6 years ago while experimenting with what he describes as “weird trip hop” at the age of 14. Since then, PELLEY says his music has gotten “more clear and confident” with a “more focused energy”.

As he continues to whet a kean-edge of stone cold tone and stylistic approach, PELLEY has created an atmosphere to call his own in the world of psyched out trap beats. ICYDUNGEON puts PELLEY’s compositions in the forefront and creates a headspace that manipulates mood without lyrical persuasion. Sometimes it is vital to bend back the bars that emcees drop and take a close and careful listen to the artistry of the exquisite beat that breaths from beneath.

PELLEY describes ICYDUNGEON as a “psychedelic energy combined with natural influences” which he uses to achieve a “balance of darker and colourful trap music”.

The eight tracks that comprise ICYDUNGEON were dropped over an eight week period, and you can now listen to them all right here:









Even since the recent drop of his buxom beat tape, PELLEY has continued to prove his prolificness.

One week after ICYDUNGEON’s completion and release, PELLEY has remained persistent on sharing new work with a minute long banger entitled “POWER“.

We strongly recommend that you keep your ear to the ground as PELLEY has hinted his intentions to re-release ICYDGUNEON in early 2018 featuring his vocal debut under the WAVYWOLF pseudonym.

No matter what projects the future may fructify, it seems certain that PELLEY is set to continue down the abounding path of carving out his cavernous world of electronic production and young creative brilliance.

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