Track Premiere: “PRESSURE” by PELLEY

The whiz kid of ominous and psychedelic trap beats from Grand Falls is still hard at work, and this time he has created a diamond under “PRESSURE“.

PELLEY started composing “weird trip hop” at the age of 14, and has since kept busy with various collaborations, including his work with Virginian rapper Yung Xela under the Fatal Faction banner. We last featured PELLEY with the drop of his ICYDUNGEON beat tape. Continuing to develop his techniques of zeroing in on cinematic and atmospheric tone, “PRESSURE” is a synthy cold cut of a cerebral trap beat.

“Theres been alot on my mind lately” PELLEY wrote to us, accompanying the link for “PRESSURE“. “I think to be a progressive human being we all need pressure to motivate us to grow.”

PELLEY’s exploration of positive pressure results in what could be the score to a tense and transitionary scene in a film. Despite the obstacles that PELLEY wears on his sleeve, it is his creative ambitions that help him push past his personal struggles.

“Diamonds are formed under pressure” PELLEY says. “The underlying process of learning how to cope with stress and anxiety is the source of our strength.”

“We shouldnt be afraid of mental illness, we should challenge it and ourselves, dont let anything or anyone get in your way.”

“Use your pressure to push U” PELLEY signed off.



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