Listen to Booji Boys’ Unknown Pleathers, Pre-Order the 7″ via Sewercide Records

Iggy Pop’s favourite Halifax punk band is back with another five tracks to shovel onto their piling repertoire.

Aside from being in frequent rotation on Iggy Pop’s BBC radio show, Booji Boys’ two-year output has bared a slew of tapes, demos, LP’s and compilation tracks. Thanks to Sewercide Records, their prolific pace continues with the latest 7″ EP. You can pre-order Unknown Pleathers now via the Sewercide Records web shop.

Unknown Pleathers continues Booji Boys M.O. of razor sharp riffs, frenzied and chaotic power pop sensibilities, and an adrenalin shot that falls somewhere in the realm of 80s hardcore punk. These five songs were suitably self-recorded and mixed by Booji bassist Adam LeDrew. The result is a dialled in sound that might be their best captured performance to date. The bits blow out in all the right places, and the production is self-aware, snappy and radiantly hot without getting muddled or lost.

“I Wanna Be So Good” just barely crosses the minute mark as a banging, snot-on-sleeve pogo stick of an opener. “Kanadian Kontent” ties the fourth track — “New Personnel” — as our selections from the EP. KanKon busts itself open with a series of riffs that would make The Damned proud, before sliding into a chugging punk verse-chorus exchange. “New Personnel” is an exceptionally tight and whipping tune that invokes hints of the mid-2000s garage rock / post-punk love affair that pressed lesser-known diamond nugs such as Angry Angles. The drums on this track are a particular standout.

You could check “Locked (Barely Open)” for surface signs of Bob Mould (just being a smart ass, this obviously isn’t a bad thing, and who knows, it could be more Grant Hart), and “Unknown Pleathers” perfectly wraps the EP with the most signature and familiar sounding Booji Boys track on the release (as you can tell from our praise of everything this band touches, this is still obviously not a bad thing).

As with all Sewercide Records releases, Unknown Pleathers is limited to a one-time 300 copy pressing, so don’t miss out on reserving your copy.

Listen to the exclusive track premiere of “Catacombs” by Geinus:

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