Punk Tank: New Bad Plan, and a Tibbs Eve Tradition at the R.A.T

tibbsposterAs expats flock home for the holidays, the homecoming celebrations begin to stack overwhelmingly high with a slew of shows and parties on any given night. In St. John’s, one of the staple gatherings that has become a complete townie punk tradition is Tibb’s Eve (December 23rd) at the R.A.T (Rose & Thistle Pub). The Tibb’s Eve tradition itself originates from the South Coast of Newfoundland and is essentially the eve of Christmas eve. The occasion was invented as an excuse to drink during the sober and Jesus-heavy streak of Advent. Today Tibb’s Eve has become more of an excuse to party with friends before locking down for two days of Family. Though for the punks it has become a much nosier custom.

The show is free, the sets are short, and the temperature drop between inside the packed R.A.T and the ice cold side walk of Water Street is unfathomable. This show is some good ol’ secular holiday celebration fit for a punk — you can be as social or antisocial as you want, and you likely wont hear any hacky Xmas tunes.

Warming up to the day of the show, two new tracks popped up as a preview for the debut EP from St. John’s hardcore outfit Bad Plan. The Punk Tank has long been anticipating this drop, so nothing could stoke us more for the R.A.T festivities than these two Bad Plan joints clocking in at less than two minutes combined. Bad Plan offer a harder rip than you’ll find in the bathroom stalls of any other Xmas party. Listen for yourself:

badplanFormerly a three-piece, Bad Plan recently recruited Colin Moore on vocals (our proposed stage name: CM Punk) and it’s an incredibly appropriate growling addition on the EP preview. The guttural and mean-mugging barks over “Guilt Trip” and “High Horse” gives the Bad Plan material a heavy-handed swing.

Before Colin, I was doing vocals and playing guitar. I had always envisioned Bad Plan in the image of Career Suicide/Brutal Knights, so I tried to mimic those styles,” says guitarist Glen May. “But it never really sounded right. Colin just came in and showed that the songs could sound stupider and angrier. I think the riffs complement that energy and pacing better. Plus, we’re a better band when everyone has one job and nobody’s trying to sing and play.”

Prior to the upcoming Bad Plan EP, the only recorded evidence was a single track on last years Atlantic Punk compilation. After a year of becoming one of the Punk Tank’s local live favourites, the new two-track offering is a perfect way to cap off 2015 and to show just where the newly four-pieced lineup has landed.

“We’ve been playing these songs for about a year so, while I know we could have benefited from a more rigorous recording session, I’m still happy with how they sound,” says May on the new EP recording sessions. “I think it was the first time anyone else in the band ever recorded on their instrument, with the exception of when the three of us recorded “Sob Story” for the Atlantic Canadian punk comp.”

While “Guilt Trip” rides a very classic 80’s hardcore vibe, the gang gets a special kind of pissed on “High Horse”. The hook is simple and straight ahead but relatable, making it inviting to join in on the frustration. I’m sure plenty of us will be fantasizing about kicking the legs off high horses during those unfavourable yet inevitable run-ins over the Holiday social season. But, what better therapy than to come stomp along and yell “High Horse” back at Bad Plan?

“We’re playing live this Tibbs Eve at the punk shitshow that happens every year. The EP is due out early January with a tape to follow,” says May. “After that I think we have a few shows in the works for January, including an all ages with the Botfly crew from HFX. We’re really just ready to write more stuff, though. Our new stuff is already shaping up to be way more fucking gross than this record.”

Bad Plan are amongst good friends Mind Violence, Animal Crimes, Smoke Signals, Not Friends and more(?) tonight (December 23rd) at the Rose and Thistle in St. John’s. It is free.

Bad Plan on Facebook
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Tibb’s Eve Punk Show at the R.A.T

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