Introducing Distortion’s #TBT Series: Be Alright Live 2012

distortionSince opening its doors to St. John’s on July 1st, 2006, Distortion has continued to be more than just a bar and music venue for the local scene. Laying its grounds early on as a welcoming, creative space for alternative artists, Distortion has become a tried and true platform; riding supportively along side the community for close on a decade. Through all the ups and downs that the downtown music night-life can throw in ones direction, nothing has stumped owner/sound technician Glen Tizzard and the Distortion crew from their goal of nurturing some of the most truly unique acts Newfoundland has to offer.

Many of us know the space a performance venue, jam space, recording hub, and late night hangout; however one cannot possibly fathom the hours upon hours of live board tapes, sessions and sound captures that have been meticulously archived from that room. The roster of bands is a mind-blowing array of St. John’s music history reaching back to the mid 2000’s. It’s quite the ever-growing catalogue, and much of it has gone unheard.

That’s where the Secret East / Distortion Throwback Thursday Series comes in to play.

In anticipation of Distortion‘s brand new web outlet at which will be unveiled next week, we wanted to start the process of sharing some selections from Glen Tizzard’s extensive sound library. Quite soon most of this enormous collection will be available via Distortion Radio — the revamped and device-friendly streaming component of Distortion’s upcoming website.

2011 Be Alright t-shirt designed by Pink Eye Print Co.

2011 Be Alright t-shirt designed by Pink Eye Print Co.

While riffing on the topic of some of the most original acts that honed their creations on Distortions stage, our inevitable premiere throwback in cahoots with Tizzard & Co. had to be from the infamous three-piece Be Alright. Formed in 2007, Be Alright became one of the most captivating bands St. John’s has ever seen. The musicianship, showmanship and precise song writing is merely the surface of Be Alright’s legacy which played out much of its tenure on Distortions stage.

With a portfolio of material concocting noise rock and psych grooves with some tasteful post-hardcore sensibilities, the trio consisting of Steve Abbott (Guitar/Vocals), Matt Wall (Bass/Vocals) and Devon Milley (Drums) became an innovative live local staple. Though they dissolved in 2012, their lasting footprint can be felt in various forms ranging from their contemporaries, to a younger generation of musicians who may have spent their formative years in awe of Be Alright’s live mastery of hook-heavy jams from some eccentrically talented players.

Check out some exclusive throwback tracks with “Sit Next To Me“, “Cinderella Slips“, and “Not Easy” live at Distortion from December 2012.

We’ll be back with more #TBT’s courtesy of Distortion, and keeping you up to date on their brand new web platform which will go live next week, just in time for the new year!

In the meantime, give Distortion a follow on facebook to stay current with their many holiday events and parties. Stay tuned with Secret East for an announcement regarding our post-new years showcase, live at Distortion.

For all booking related questions and queries, you can reach Distortion at

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