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badmilkBad Milk is a relatively new St. John’s trio that features members from a plentiful pool of Newfoundland raucous rock alumni such as Be Alright, Pervert Week, Local Tough, The Darts and Geinus, among many others. Needless to say, this three-piece is well vetted in their delivery of this brand new slice of bludgeoning noise rock.

Bad Milk’s eponymous EP dropped last week with little anticipatory build up. But the surprise element worked brilliantly with this release. It is kind of like a kick in the teeth with no cue to brace yourself. Consider this EP a rude awakening, St. John’s. Meet your new noisy neighbour, his name is Bad Milk and you always seem to hear him arguing loudly with himself through the walls of your townhouse.

This self-titled EP dives in head first with percussive pounding like a set of fists trying to rap your door off of its hinges. The rhythm section that makes up 2/3’s of Bad Milk runs like a well-oiled machine, though at times rumbles like an industrial accident waiting to happen. The guitar adds a chaotic and grating layer that chews on the rhythm like it were hammer worked sheet metal.

The five songs of this debut release from Bad Milk carry a shrieking vocal that could be perceived as attempting to emulate the sonically barbed guitar work. For the sake of reminiscence, the vocal delivery could be compared to early Bleach era Nirvana (y’know, the stuff you wont hear on your favourite classic rock radio station), while musically the EP comfortably navigates between grunge and post-hardcore with some suitably deep fried dips into the swampiest territory of stoner rock.

Go ahead and take a bite. Just make sure you have your dentist on speed dial.

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