Hear Bad Milk Cover The Cramps at the Secret East GSF NoCase

29thnocaseHoly crow! The Secret East GSF NoCase in St. John’s on July 29th was a ridiculous amount of fun. We’ve got to tip our hat to everyone who came out, and especially thank Monsterbator, Cold Agent, George Nervous and Bad Milk for filling the night with stellar sets. Luckily, there were a few audio captures from the Distortion soundboard that evening, and we’re particularly gung-ho about this one.

Check out St. John’s noise rock trio Bad Milk tackling a solid rendition of The Cramps “New Kind of Kick. This cover wears the primal spirit of the legendary Cramps catalog while still honing that big beat from badsville to fit within the rigid grooves of Bad Milk. Lux Interior’s lyrics are rarely snarled with such biting perfection. In fact, we think they should cover the whole album and call it “Bad Milk for Bad People”.

Take a listen to the audio capture courtesy of Glen Tizzard and Distortion.

But wait, there’s more!

From the same set, Bad Milk have also upped a live version of their cutting original Transylvanian Vacation. Give that a listen, and catch up with our rundown of Bad Milk’s debut EP from earlier this summer.

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