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13667890_1140304152697102_3349665825169760303_oVol. III of the Shed Island Festival in St. John’s is popping off tomorrow (August 4th), and we’re not about to fuck around to try and find ten different ways to tell you why this weekend is as incredibly important as it is. The Shed ’16 lineup is a tastefully curated and focused showcase of Eastern Canadian headliners accompanying a robust roster of St. John’s locals and expats. The lineup speaks for itself, and that is why we’d prefer to offer up a user-friendly click-through of the Festival as opposed to a thesaurus-wielding genre jam.

The fact of the matter is Shed Island is an admirably 100% D.I.Y. music festival amongst a sea of St. John’s summer events that exist primarily to build bucks and sling beer. Just baring witness to even a slice of the hard work that goes into Shed should be enough to usher in the utmost support of any passionate patron of the music community, but it certainly helps that this years dense and diverse selection of acts makes for an unskippable weekend.

So as the Shed committee prepares to go round 3 tomorrow night, we’d like to offer a comprehensive click-intensive look at the schedule.

13641003_1151044638289720_8823044349585214329_oThursday, August 4th

Future Girls (Halifax) at Distortion

With Locals:



Different Dude

(Different Dude don’t have a link. But it features the members of Fuck yeah.)


Blunt Chunks (Toronto) at the Levee

With Locals:

Green & Gold

Family Video


Friday, August 5th at The Peter Easton Pub

Towanda (Montreal)

Protruders (Toronto)

With Locals:


Hard Ticket

Saturday, August 6th at Factory

La Luna (Toronto)

Weird Star (Montreal)

With Locals:


Cold Agent


Sunday August, 7th at the Rose & Thistle

Imposter Grey (Guelph)

Syngja (Montreal)

With locals:

AE Bridger

Ritual Frames

Make sure to follow along with Shed on Facebook during the festivities to find out about all the pop up events along the way!

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