Distortion’s #TBT Series: The Drunks Rule This Place (2012)

Last week we introduced our collaborative series of #TBTs from the Distortion archives with some 2012 live cuts from local legends Be Alright. This week, as the St. John’s venue prepares for tomorrow’s launch of its new web platform at DistortionBar.com, we bring you three more exclusive findings to throw you back this New Years Eve.

Long before Distortion opened its doors in 2006, owner and sound technician Glen Tizzard was already a local fixture in the world of recording and production. For close to a decade, Distortion has served as a multipurpose live performance venue at night, and a rehearsal and recording space by day. In 2012 Tizzard lent a hand and ear to the final, unreleased recording sessions of The Drunks Rule This Place.

drunks2I first recall seeing The Drunks in 2009, though they soon became a familiar name around the bar rock scene. Some of the riffs on these recordings take me back to a very particular time and place of loitering around The Deck (Holdsworth Court) and watching bands like The Drunks jam on any given Thursday or Friday. Seeing as how they shared many great bills with Be Alright, we deemed them a perfectly suitable follow-up to last week’s throwback.

Unlike the live tracks from last week’s selection, these 2012 recordings of The Drunks come from a session with Glen Tizzard which was intended for a final album that was never released. With their relentless rumble of hook-heavy riffs that flirt with minimalism, math rock and the hard sludge and groove of stoner rock, it is undoubtedly tragic that this album never saw the light of day.

2009-2012 might go down as a golden era of hard rock in St. John’s. These three Tizzard produced tracks from The Drunks clock in at over 20 minutes and manage to accurately capture a slice of the spirit of those years. Give them a listen here:

Stay tuned tomorrow for Distortion’s brand new website launch at DistortionBar.com. The new site will include Distortion Radio, where their extensive archives will gradually become available at your fingertips.

You can contact Distortion for all live booking, jamming and recording inquiries at booking@distortionbar.com

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