Distortion’s #FBF: The First Waterman & Milley Show (2012)

distortionOur ongoing collaborative feature with the Distortion archive falls on a #FlashbackFriday this week, but the day delay to our typical #TBT format is not without great reason.

Tonight (January 8th, 2016) will be the first Secret East hosted get together of the new year and will be featuring a fresh bill of this city’s finest. Joining us at Distortion at 10:30PM will be the likes of Sleepy, Branch Ricky, Scott Royle & The Night Shift Nurses, as well as Waterman & Milley.

While this evenings event showcases a lot of the new talent St. John’s has to offer, we wanted to stay on an appropriate note by rolling out another great flashback to help hype your spirits for tonight’s gathering.

watermanmilleyIn June of 2012, the duo of Andrew Waterman & Devon Milley took a slight step aside from their powerhouse noise rock unit Monsterbator to debut a different spin on their song-writing output. The doublet mans a stripped down guitar / drums arrangement while the songs themselves pan stylistic overtones ranging from raunchy, howling rhythm and blues, to crooning and poetically raw ballads.

Check out two great selections from a 2012 capture of the first live performance of Waterman & Milley, and head down to Distortion tonight to catch a personal slice of what the dyad is up to almost four years later.

“For Ted When He Dies” by Waterman & Milley – Live at Distortion June 2012:

“Stigmata” by Waterman & Milley – Live at Distortion June 2012:

Check out Distortion’s brand new home on the web over at DistortionBar.com, and stay tuned for more deep cuts from their extensive library featuring unique and original music St. John’s.

Secret East Presents: Sleepy // Branch Ricky // Waterman & Milley // Scott Royle & The Night Shift Nurses live at Distortion – January 8th, 2016.

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