St. John’s Gets Ready for Torment This Labour Day Weekend

bulletinboardshortAt the top of our rapidly growing list of notable events pinned to the Secret East bulletin blog in this summer season finale, there is a particular set of St. John’s shows making every Newfie punk salivate much more than beans, weens or any other camp food favourite this Labour Day Weekend.

Cue Torment.


Torment are a trio hailing from Montréal, Québec that play a fresh spin on classically stripped street punk. Torment are the full hardc-oi!-re package equipped with grubby riffs and thumping steel toe clammer and ‘tude, all hitched together with some well-sharpened UK82 hooks. Their 2015 tape ‘Cause Living Day to Day is… feels like it could be a lost 1981 Blitz demo, or an equally quintessential peer of the street punk glory days. Doing Oi! without a hint of boneheadedness, Torment’s songs fall more on the spectrum of infectiously catchy punk rock and less in the wheelhouse of soccer chants and drinking songs.

Oh, and these folks are a 1/3 Newfoundland punk expat.

Torment hit St. John’s this Labour Day weekend with a 19+ show at 10:30PM on September 3rd at the Rose & Thistle Pub, and then once again at 6:30PM on September 4th for the FINAL All Ages show at the short lived punk venue space Wits End in Witless Bay. You’re strongly encouraged to BYOB (bring your own baords) to the all ages show for one last shred of the Wits End mini ramp.

Check out all the info on the facebook event here or on the poster below.


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