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Contact with Capricorn Nine: the Sounds and Story of Steb Sly

Nova Scotia’s Steb Sly is an understated pioneer in Canadian electronic music. Check out our chat with Sly as we cover an eclectic career ranging from breakdancing and beatmaking in the 1980s, cutting techno records in the 1990s, scoring high profile video games like Mass Effect in the 2000s, to presently hosting a wealth of live stream sessions in the 2010s. 

Diving into Voivod with Michel Langevin

Wendy Rose chats with Michel Langevin of legendary Canadian heavy metal veterans Voivod ahead of their shows tonight, October 19th, at the Rock House in St. John’s, and tomorrow, October 20th, at the Marquee Ballroom in Halifax.

Getting Back to The Luyas – SE@HPX2016

Mike Roy sits down with Jessie Stein of The Luyas ahead of their appearance at Halifax Pop Explosion to discuss the recent resurgence of the group including their new EP, their return to tour life, and finding inspiration both inside and outside of the music industry.