“Stinkin’ Up Your Mind”: Inside Conditioner’s Lost Opus Video Session

Micah Brown of Lost Opus on the Conditioner sessions:

“Stinkin’ Up Your Mind” is the final video released from the Lost Opus sessions I filmed during Pop Montreal. Lost Opus is a Montreal-based media outlet I created in early 2017 mainly to film live sessions, but has expanded into showcase booking, and most recently, live show filming.

St. John’s punkers Conditioner were in Montreal to play the festival (PopMTL), so tacking on a studio day only seemed apt. They decided to bring two new songs for the sessions, a decision I really enjoyed.

Stinkin’” is a great representation of the band, immediately kicking off with Giles’ gruff vocal delivery, bopping guitar rhythms, and closing out with catchy gang vocals. Any fan of bands like The Ergs, Iron Chic, or Jeff Rosenstock’s body of work will notice a lot of genre hallmarks, but Conditioner definitely don’t feel like a copy-cat act. Instead they’re a honed pop-punk machine that rides the perfectly between endearing raw-ness and giving the people the damn hooks they want.

The band was travelling light, and borrowed most of the gear used during the filming, but were completely un-phased by this. They quickly warmed up and played the songs for me so that I could get my bearing and angles for the shoot. Not knowing these songs beforehand, I was a little nervous, but managed to get the gist of their structure after a few takes. I tend to be a little over-zealous with my camera movements, but that’s because there’s nothing that removes me further from an emotional musical experience than watching performance through a static go-pro shot.

Conditioner were a hit at their PopMTL showcase, which I would wager won them some new fans. Being old friends, it was a pleasure to have the time hanging out in the studio with them. The band can be seen semi-regularly around St. John’s. These videos can serve to tie listeners over until their next release, but if you haven’t, make sure to check out their fantastic Self Titled EP from 2017.

Check out “Dry Show” from the Lost Opus session:

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