Punk Rock Pearl: Our New Partnership with the Admiralty House Museum

Mount Pearl’s Good To Go from a copy of the MUSE in 1996.

For over three decades, one of Mount Pearl’s big contributions to Newfoundland & Labrador art and culture has been punk rock music.

Sounds a bit ridiculous, right? Perhaps that’s why Mount Pearl punk has been so overlooked in the larger scope of our province’s musical landscape. During some of the most formative years of Newfoundland & Labrador’s thriving independent music scene, punk rock blasting from the basements of Mount Pearl has produced an unbelievable number of bands, artists and community organizers that have left an indelible mark on the culture that is still seen today.

The Admiralty House Museum and the Mount Pearl Public Library is teaming up with Secret East to take on the daunting task of archiving the history and influence of Mount Pearl punk music. Over the coming months, we’ll be going in-depth with a comprehensive collection of the sounds, sights and stories from the punk community of the second-largest city in Newfoundland & Labrador…

Check out Part 1 of the Punk Rock Pearl series for a brief history of punk in NL, as well a broad overview of Mount Pearl’s massive contribution to the community.


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