Track Premiere: “Gambler” by Astral Gunk (Secret East Records, 2017)

Take an exclusive first listen to “Gambler” from Astral Gunk’s upcoming cassette Buzzin’ on Secret East Records (February, 2017)

“Gambler” by Astral Gunk (Buzzin’, 2017)

With a new year comes a new venture in the Secret East camp.

After boiling over on the backburner, our brand new small press record and cassette label, Secret East Records, is finally plated and ready to serve. Specializing in limited run releases from interesting noisemakers that rattle within Eastern Canada, Secret East Records will curate a unique selection of projects throughout 2017.

First up to bat to help break in the Secret East Records stomping grounds is a cassette release by the almighty Astral Gunk.

Gunk’s Not Dead.

An integral part of the Killer Haze Records alumni, Astral Gunk came on the Sackville, NB scene in 2011 with a temerarious tornado of psyched out punk n’ roll that that has continued to spew sonorous shrapnel for over five years. As a four-headed songwriting unit, Astral Gunk rummages through a smorgasbord of noisy punk and garage rock nuggets scorched to a perfected crisp. With a bombard of material that is frantic, loose and raw, gunkadelic rock can be described as walking a jovial void between head-stoned grooves and nightmarish bad trips.

Astral Gunk pack a slew of releases, tours and festival appearances in their roadworn valise. Even the current residential scattering of the four members across eastern Canada doesn’t seem to hinder Astral Gunk’s ability to sporadically return to their raffish grind without missing a big beat. 2016 saw the Gunk regroup for a Canadian tour, including a show at the Sled Island festival in Calgary, AB. As of this most recent tour, Astral Gunk have now played in every Canadian province.

In preparation for their 2016 outing, Astral Gunk decided to make up for lost time with a bundle of new tunes.

“Joe was living in Toronto, Zach and Joel were living in Montreal, and I was living in Halifax”, says guitarist Keith McFadden. “We all got together for a reunion tour and didn’t wanna play old material, so we wrote a bunch of new songs.”

The 8 songs that comprise Buzzin’ were recorded LIVE! in MONO! on McFadden’s 4-track in Joe Chamandy’s (guitar/bass) Toronto basement during the Summer of 2016. 7 of the 8 cuts on the track list are brand spankin’, with the exception of “Waster” which McFadden explains is a re-recording of “an older song we wrote in Sackville”.

Oh, you didn’t click the play button above? Save yr scroll and do it now:

“Gambler” by Astral Gunk (Buzzin’, 2017)

Buzzin’ by Astral Gunk will be available on limited edition cassette via Secret East Records in February 2017. Stay tuned via the webzine (, facebook (@secreteast), twitter (@thesecreteast) and instagram (@thesecreteast) for further updates regarding pre-orders!

Happy 2017, folks.


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