Expat Premiere: Watch Brandon’s New Video for “Tonic Water”

Brandon are a new emo band comprised of four Atlantic Canadian expats by way of Montréal. On the heels of their debut EP entitled You Better Believe It, we grabbed the opportunity to crack open Brandon’s new video for the track “Tonic Water“.

Featuring Micah Brown (MAANS, Gutless Wonder), Jordan Philips (Weird Star) Mike McDonald (Weird Star, BBQT) and JG Landry (Weird Star, GAZM), Brandon began as a touring iteration of Brown’s longstanding project of pop punk croon tunes, Gutless Wonder.

“We toured the East Coast as Gutless Wonder and played some old songs” says Brown, “but when we got back we scrapped the idea of doing old material and focused on new sounds and collective writing”.

The touring lineup of Gutless Wonder quickly evolved into a separate entity with a consolidated output. This output became affectionately baptized as Brandon.

“It wasn’t Gutless Wonder anymore. We stopped playing shows and built a new set around 2-3 new songs that we were working on this past spring”, says Brown.

These new songs became Brandon’s 6 song You Better Believe It EP.

Tonic Water” is the 4th song on the EP tracklist and is now subject to a new video. The visual collage features footage shot by Zinnia Naqvi, along with whirring snippets captured from a camera as it floated hands at a house party. The end result feels like thumbing through Brandon’s personal scrapbook with a particular focus that favours the glowing faces and places that surround the band rather than relying solely on play-along performance shots.

You can stream Brandon’s You Better Believe It EP here:


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