Punk Tank: Listen to Grump’s North End Generic 7″


Artwork by Jeremy Hansen

Since the Punk Tank spoke to Grump a couple months back, the Halifax unit has seen the release of their new North End Generic 7″ via Various Records, and played the release show they were “vaguely planning” in May. It was a free gig on September 26th at Lost & Found in Halifax with labelmates Surveillance (who released their new 7″ at the same show), Unreal Thought, and Noise Policy.

If you like the wonderful noise streaming above, you can grab a copy of the 7″ via Various Records or from the band directly, or pay what you can/want for the digital tracks.

North End Generic is quickly becoming a Punk Tank favourite. Grump are truly one for the weirdos, freaks, and outsiders. Y’know, what punk was supposed to be before it became another inclusive social club. Grump have surely brandished the Love Punk Hate Punks sentiment before, but this time around it’s spit through a broken set of teeth, on top of a snarl, beneath an upturned nose, and with steam bellowing out both ears.

North End Generic is neurotic, agitated, and rumbling with frustration. It rattles our cage and makes us excited. It’s pretty much fucking perfect.

Grump on bandcamp

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