Watch: Fog Lake’s “Shanty Town” Video

Screen shot 2015-10-16 at 4.56.48 PMAfter a summer tour supporting his newest LP Victoria Park, Aaron Powell of Fog Lake is spending the fall relocated to his hometown of Glovertown, NL. But the wave of activity surrounding Victoria Park is not completely finished, and this week Fog Lake shared a brand new video accompaniment for the album’s track “Shanty Town”. The video was directed and assembled by Santa Barbara, California based cinematographer Tyler T. Williams, an artist who garners high praises from Powell.

“Tyler is my favorite music video director around these days so just being able to work with him is a dream,” says Powell. “Ever since I saw his videos for Coma Cinema and Youth Lagoon I completely admired his work and took a lot from it for my own video work. I think he did an incredible job capturing the feel of the song and as soon as he sent me the first rough cut I knew he really understood the vibe I was trying to go for on Victoria Park.”

Fog Lake‘s bleary eyed and dreamlike quality is a perfect fit with Williams floating arrangement of striking visuals. The relationship between music and film is one Powell knows well, and to him it’s a meeting of two competing personal passions.

“Before music, I was enthralled in film crafted mostly for my friends and my own enjoyment. Film was my passion and then music came along and it seemed to slowly fade to the background,” Powell explains. “I still really love film, and I guess in someway the music I make in an extension of that old passion. My music seems to have a cinematic quality to it and I guess that’s why I get a lot of people wanting to use it in their videos.”

Orchid Tapes cassette release of Victoria Park is currently sold out, but you can get the digital tracks here.

Watch the “Shanty Town” video here

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