Cast Your Net Gives New St. John’s Punk the Old Camcorder Treatment

We’ve spent plenty of hours sharing VHS rips of lost Atlantic Canadian punk rock, so it is about damn time that we’re able to enjoy contemporary St. John’s punk in the same sentimental fuzzy format.

Cast Your Net is a new initiative by Glen May (Shed Island, Conditioner, etc.) that seeks to capture music in St. John’s live off the floor from a floating VHS camcorder. Once the tapes are ripped and digitized, you can warm the cathode ray tubes of your heart while still engaging with new music at the convenient tap of your phone.

Cast Your Net is the video equivalent of bands recording on a rickety Tascam 4 track for a digital bandcamp release. In other words, the CYN channel is doing a great service that gives us tapeheads that gritty visual comfort food we’ve long been waiting for.

The first broadcast from the Cast Your Net camp features footage of Lion’s Share, Yee Grlz, Conditioner, and Overgrown at a Halloween punk show at the Peter Easton Pub in St. John’s on October 28th, 2017.





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