Can St. John’s Feel Less Bad About Throwing Shoes at Queens of the Stone Age?

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age has been making music magazine headlines over the last 24 hours since an oddly volatile set of incidents occurred during their performance at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas show in Ingelwood, California.

Footage from the show clearly shows Josh Homme kicking photographer Chelsea Lauren in the head during a guitar wielding stage strut. Although Homme has since claimed that she was not the intentional target, Lauren still spent the night in the hospital following the incident.

Adding to the offensive and bizarre behaviour for the Holiday event, Homme cut his own head open with a knife, allegedly berated the audience with insults such as “retard”, encouraged them to boo him, and bitterly dissed the headlining act with shouts of “fuck Muse”.

Josh Homme’s hostile engagement with an audience is nothing new, and us Atlantic Canadians are particularly familiar with it.

In May 2008 at a “win to get in” Molson Canadian show at Mile One in St. John’s, Queens of the Stone Age were showered in love by some adoring fans, and showered in shoes and lager by the rest of the drunk audience who were there for the beer, and funny enough, there because of the beer.

After being picked off with a thrown sneaker mid-verse, Homme halted their song for a heated 2 minute tangent full of expletives and insults.

The now infamous “shoe incident” has been immortalized on YouTube for the last 9 years, and you can watch it here:

Although most of Homme’s flailing insults are directed at the anonymous shoe-tosser, he does address the room as “stupid fucking shitheaded motherfuckers”.

Homme goes on to berate the faceless assailant as a “dickless turd”, makes fun of the shoe, threatens to “fuck him up”, and then proceeds to brag that he was “paid good money” to fornicate with the shoeless attendee’s mother.

Finally, the show went on. But what is not shown in the video is that the reboot didn’t last for much longer.

The stadium was soaked in an unruly amount of Molson Canadian, and soon the “stupid fucking shitheaded motherfuckers” of St. John’s began pelting beer and other projectiles at the agitated Queens of the Stone Age.

Unconfirmed reports are that the second shoe eventually found its match in Josh Homme’s direction, and after a few more cans and cups littered the stage, Queens of the Stone Age walked off. The show was cut short as the final score reached “stupid fucking shitheaded motherfuckers”: 01, Josh Homme: 00.

I guess now St. John’ can say “well, at least there wasn’t a foot in the shoe, Mr. Homme”.

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