Lawnya Vawnya Does Electronica with YUNG DUMB


With Lawnya Vawnya less than a week away, it is time to start putting together your schedule. Not the official schedule. The one you will undoubtedly put together in your head which will include the stuff you wanna see, the stuff you don’t wanna see, the mornings you have to work and which days are acceptable for nursing a hangover. Having spoken with Adam Harding of YUNG DUMB, and seeing that there was now a collaborative electronic event taking place between the Lawnya Vawnya and YUNG DUMB camps, I knew that my weekend’s schedule would have to allow for a day of recovery following Friday, April 24th.

I reached out to Harding about the teaming up with LV. Harding, and Lawnya Vawnya’s artistic coordinator Bryan Power had come together initially on this project. Harding mentioned that he and Power “chatted on our downtime about having an electronic music installment for Lawnya Vawnya V. After a couple of meetings, we decided to take it seriously, and we felt that a YUNG DUMB collaboration was a good fit.”

This collaboration means more than simply putting off a fun show, it also speaks to the very nature of both entities as trying to promote acts that kill. When asked about the importance of the connection, Harding had this to say: “I think St. John’s needs a festival like Lawnya Vawnya. They do a great job at introducing people to up and coming music from out of province, while tastefully incorporating the local music community into the show.” Harding continued “Lawnya Vawnya is a forward-thinking outlet for all types of music in the city, so it only makes sense that they’d want to broaden their horizons with the types of shows they put off.”

Aside from a stacked line up of local talent, Lawnya Vawnya and YUNG DUMB are bringing Toronto based artist Gingy to St. John’s. Harding referred to Gingy as a “sweatbox techno master,” and went on to say that “[Gingy] throws some crazy late night raves in Toronto, and people stay up all night dancing their asses off. He releases music on Turbo, Clone, and 3024 records, which are all heavy hitting international labels.” Harding noted that “It will probably scare the shit out of people, in a good way. It’s our most raw booking yet, in terms of sound, without a doubt.”

When asked about was in store for the future of YD-LV crossovers, Harding stated that “this collaborative effort is something we’re just testing out. We haven’t thought too far ahead with it. I do know that Lawnya Vawnya have thrown some shows over the years that people are still talking about, and YUNG DUMB parties are usually really fun. It could be a match made in heaven, who knows!?”


You can find out more about Lawnya Vawnya and YUNG DUMB here and here. Check out the event page for more details regarding Lawnya Vawnya Electronica. 

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