Watch & Read: Getting to the Bottoms of Mike Simms New Video, and Upcoming Album

bottomsNewfoundland videographer and musician Mike Simms is a man of many hats, and the creative force behind a slew of your favourite local music videos.

Musically, Simms is a former half of the long-standing hip hop duo Antics, and has since kept busy with various solo efforts and projects on the mic, or on the camera. Most recently Simms combined the mastery of his two main mediums to unleash a visual taste of a new song, new sound and new band under the collective moniker of Bottoms.

The new video accompaniment for the track Rose Pedals is in support of the upcoming Mike Simms album Limbo which is due for release on May 15th.

“I wanted to branch out musically in terms of the songs I was writing. I decided to try and put an album together that was entirely compiled by myself.” says Simms, “I ended up with seven songs that I was really stoked on. Those songs are all coming out on a project under Mike Simms entitled Limbo.

Rose Pedals offers a blend of smooth and laid back MC delivery from Simms with a lounging airy groove from the three-piece backing band. The musical blend on Rose Pedals is tasteful and cohesive, giving off a mellow vibe of the three c’s – calm, cool and collected.

“Me and Shaun (Drums) have become really good friends over the last year, and Mike Moyst (guitar) has been one of my best friends since we were basically kids. Moyst played guitar with Antics when we had a live band and we played music together a lot growing up.” says Simms regarding the Bottoms lineup, “Griffin Simpson (bass) is roommates with Moyst and is an all around solid dude who is down for the cause. He picked up the bass and all pieces came together.”

Although originally assembled as a backing band for the seven tracks on Mike Simms album Limbo, the outfit now known as Bottoms looks like it may take a life of it’s own, expanding outside of just a backing track, and perhaps becoming more of a collaborative effort.

bottoms2“Up until now I have been writing all the songs and the boys have contributed to structuring them and finishing them up” says Simms, “I didn’t want to have this solid band and just promote it as myself. We decided to make it an official band and I’m excited about it.”

The vision for Bottoms has grown a little beyond the upcoming album Limbo, and now finds itself in the position of longevity with a solid set of goals, and some hard work ahead.

“We want to make a record. Like a vinyl”, says Simms, “Pretty much cause I saw Werewoman’s and became immediately jealous and thought ‘I need to make one’ so right now I am working with the boys and writing an album.”

Bottoms may be a fresh effort with new ambition and approach, but the sentiment still remains the same.

“I’ve been trying to scrounge up some grant money and approach music making as professionally as I can.” says Simms, “We’re really just dudes who love music. We want to showcase that we’re regular dudes who like to have a laugh and create music. It’s definitely motivating to have bandmates who are as enthusiastic about music and creating as I am.””

You can catch Bottoms performing the material from Mike Simms’ Limbo at its release party on May 15th at the Levee in St. John’s.

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