The Punk Tank Showcase @ The Secret East Double Feature: Through The Lens of Ritche Perez

The Secret East St. John’s Double Feature (April 4th, 2015 @ Distortion) was a massive success. We couldn’t have asked for a better night with such a beautiful and eclectic mix of bands, sounds and people. There was a giant sea of smiles, and a positive vibe that we at the East have been riding high on all week. We’d like to thank every person involved, and every person in attendance for that.

Before we settle into editing mode on all the killer footage we captured, we wanted to share some of the great photographic grabs of the evening.

Ritche Perez was nice enough to stop by for first half of the feature, and came away with some amazing shots of the Punk Tank Showcase which comprised of the first three acts of the night: Bad Plan, Mind Violence & Animal Crimes

Animal Crimes on bandcamp
Mind Violence on bandcamp
Bad Plan on bandcamp

All photos by Ritche Perez 2015.

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