Listen to the Debut Tape From SWAMPS

SWAMPS’ blown-out off-the-floor production blows over-layered multitrack rock albums off the floor. Or out of the SWAMP, amirite?

SWAMPS are guitar and drums. SWAMPS was recorded with two mics. Murky rock n’ roll: clear as mud.

It can prove difficult to try and contain rambunctious rock n’ roll band in a way that still effectively retains ample madcap energy. Putting lively and raw music in a careful studio setting can subdue the wild aura around songs. The answer in this case was simple: don’t be careful. Part of the appeal of this new strip of St. John’s rock n’ roll gristle is the honest and simple approach to capturing the true essence of an in-the-room experience.

SWAMPS was self-recorded straight off the floor. The vocals were run through an amp and were recorded with the same mic as the guitar rig. The second mic was turned hot toward the drums. The result is a hot as hell sound with no room for bullshit. Not only bullshit, but the sound SWAMPS make is so big that there isn’t even room for bass.

There are few feelings that compare to standing in a humid room sweating along with a couple of artists who are good at pounding the shit of their instruments. It also doesn’t hurt when the songs are actually good, or in this case, seriously fucking great. This SWAMPS tape plants your hide directly in that rock n’ roll sweat box with toilet paper jammed in your ears. The experience is there, you can smell it, just like that nearly boiled can of beer that would be simmering in your sweaty palm.At first, the songs swat you over the head with a hardy chunk of modern SoCal psych revival, but barreling above the dripping wet vocals is a range of riffs that sprawl the rails from stabbing old school punk, to Memphis Goner Records-esque R&B grit. But this is Newfoundland, so the slivers of psych aren’t quite sun-fried, they are more on the scale of windburned to frostbitten. Forget garage nuggets, SWAMPS serve salt cured rock n’ roll jerky. Something new to chew on while we complain about temperatures in September.

The brass tacks:

SWAMPS are comprised of 2/4 members of Swellheads. This eponymous tape was recorded by guitarist and vocalist Mike Coffen (Swellheads, Kramer, Time Walk etc.), with the accompaniment of Mitch Dyke (Swellheads, Hard Ticket etc.) on the skins.

SWAMPS is available for digital download, but you can also cop the drop on cassette while supplies last. Contact SWAMPS via their Bandcamp for all tape inquiries.

Like everything great in rock n’ roll, SWAMPS are set to fizzle away quickly. SWAMPS have played less than a handful of gigs, and their last performance is slated for tonight at Fred’s Records in St. John’s.

Watch SWAMPS Live at Fred’s Records (September 14th, 2018)

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