Some of the Most Viewed Newfoundland Online Videos are Targa Crashes

It is mid-September in Newfoundland, and you know what that means: the seven-day, 2,200 kilometre tarmac rally race known as Targa Newfoundland is underway. Pairing incredibly impressive vehicles with enthusiasts willing to test their limits, and the wild and unpredictable nature of Newfoundland roadways, there seems to be at least a few notable crashes, accidents and mishaps every year.

A video has already gone viral from Newfoundland Targa 2018 showing a vehicle flip dramatically on the Flatrock main road. The two occupants of the vehicle walked away unscathed.

Culturally, we’ve started to shame rubberneckers who slow down to gawk at accidents and crash sites. But then there is the internet: the voyeuristic realm for shameless people-watching. Once upon a time we devised a list of the most viewed Newfoundland videos on YouTube. Unsurprisingly, three out of the top ten uploads were of Targa crashes.

Though the weird and winding roads of Newfoundland are closed to traffic during the races, the international drivers who have come to show off their classic or modern sporting vehicles sometimes wind up making detours to places they least expect: places such as the ocean, or Nan and Pop’s cabin.

In 2011, this particular driver ended up embedding his Subaru WRX STi into the foundation of someones house.

This video has clocked over 600,000 views thus far. The driver seems fine, but I’m more so concerned to know if Nan & Pop were home when a sporty Subaru gave their cabin a new front door. Nan always says her “home is always open”, but this might be a little much.

Since we’ve already deemed these tarmac rally crashes at Targa Newfoundland as common occurrence, the following plunge seems to be a much rarer occasion that finds one of the participating vehicles taking to the waters.

This video features a Ferrari Enzo FXX hitting a fence before going for an oceanic dip at the 2011 installment of Targa Newfoundland. The video has broken 2 million views.

If you want to fall into the rabbit hole that is Targa Newfoundland crashes on YouTube, it isn’t really a challenge:

“Holy shit… Holy shit… Holy shit…”

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