User Friendly: Your Homebody(stoned) Guide for Halloweed Night

Don’t believe the reefer madness. No one is going to drop edibles or weed-infused candy in your kid’s pillow case this Halloween season, despite what certain officials and other overly concerned fear-mongers might want to tell you. Somehow the age old urban legend of razors and rat poison in your kids seasonal stash has transformed into the sneaky conspiracy involving malicious stoners worldwide who are hell-bent on getting your children cold junk body-stoned.

But why? Just because marijuana legalization is a hot topic in North America right now, why would it fuel a sudden increase in edible-bombing your kiddos? Weed has been embedded in pop culture for over 50 years, and there has yet to be a single documented case of someone getting dropped a doped brownie, cookie, or gummy bear. Zero recorded cases. Zilch. If someone was going to dose your children, do you think they would wait until decriminalization, legalization or social acceptance of weed before they put their plan into action? Not to mention it is a damn expensive prank to pull.

It isn’t the first time a sensationalistic campaign tried to smear us stoners good names, and you can bet your ass it wont be the last.

Tossing the propaganda aside, we thought it would be highly appropriate to do something nice for the smokers who are looking to put their own spin on Halloween festivities. We know that Halloween for the 19+ is generally geared towards alcohol-soaked costume parties, but we wanted to reinstate confidence that there are adequate ways to partake in the party while still being a couch-locked homebody.

Something to munch…

Remember all those edibles and weed-infused candies that stoners are supposed to be wasting on your kids? Well, those might actually be an ideal way to spend your own Halloweed night in.

Please keep in mind that edibles are not for everyone, even for the most experienced of smokers. Oral consumption of cannabis creeps up slowly, hits a bit harder, and lasts a lot longer than your typical smoking or vaping methods. If you choose to indulge in some cannabis treats, pace yourself accordingly and drink plenty of water.

Now that the PSA is out of the way, it is time to pick your… uh, potion?

There are plenty of ways to eat cannabis. Your pre-made options range from lollipops, gummys and other candies, cookies, cakes, brownies and space bars. If you’re looking to do something yourself, your options are endless. For a heavy supply of recipes ranging from the simplest of butters, creams and baked goods, to fancy fusion dinners including Ribeye Steaks, check out’s beastly blog to cannabis cooking.

Something to watch…

It might seem obvious as to what you want to watch through your heavy eyelids on Halloween, but the choices may not be all that simple.

The most popular selection this year is likely the highly anticipated second season of the Netflix science fiction / horror show, Stranger Things. Some people might go against the stream and opt more for the classics, whether that be Frankenstein, Dracula and the other Universal Monsters’ crew, or perhaps the tad more modern golden age of the slashers with cameos by Michael Meyers, Jason Vorhees and Freddy Krueger.

But perhaps the creeps, jumps and slashes of the horror genre isn’t your forte. Perhaps you’d like something seaonal, but a bit lighter, funnier even. If this sounds like you, it might be a perfect evening to revisit some of the short-dose classic Halloween episodes of television shows like The Simpsons, Fresh Prince and Roseanne, or perhaps some family friendly throwback entertainment like The Munsters or The Addams Family.

Yes, there are a lot of horror affiliated “stoner” movies… But don’t waste your time. If you’re looking for some cheap laughs, just watch The Munsters. Trust us.

Something to hear…

It is Halloween, so we know you’re going to be bombarded with the likes of “Thriller”, and the Ghostbuster’s Theme Song. So a few years ago we prepped a party-friendly playlist alternative with all the best tricks and treats of psych, surf, punk, garage, novelty songs, and even some DJ Jazzy Jeff to set your fright night right… You can check out the 75 track playlist here:

Some might argue what is the most potent musical blend of halloween and reefer, and the answer is quite obviously stoner rock/metal. Y’know, those Black Sabbath worship bands that did things louder, harder, and put more fervent emphasis on the drugs and the Satan. It may not be your cup of tea, but “Satanic Rites of Drugula” by Electric Wizard is probably the perfect hybrid of halloween horror and a heavy dopethrone of rock.

Something else….

So we all know that Halloween has been overtly sexualized for a long time…

The party gestures of revealing costumes aside, Halloween can be a sexcapade by many couples and singles alike who may use the sinister night of festivities to experiment with costumes, role play, or just as an excuse to be extra adventurous in the bedroom.

Should sex be rolled into a stoned Halloweed night? That is your choice, but a recent study by Stanford University suggests that marijuana smokers tend to have more sex anyways, so if you’re in the mood, why not? You’ve already committed to a night in, after all.

As always, just be safe, sane and consenual.

Also, they make sexy medical marijuana costumes now. Just sayin’.

Happy Halloweed

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