Drone it in: EP10 by SCHNAUZERWELT

Need some new ambient sounds to help bleed Halloween into the drearier, colder and undecorated Atlantic Canadian fall season?

SCHNAUZERWELT is a covert electronic drone project by Ron Bates, founding member of the longstanding Halifax indie band Orange Glass, one-half of the duo The Memories Attack along with Chris Thompson of Eric’s Trip, and one-half of the synth pop duo Homo Duplex.

EP10 by SCHNAUZERWELT is a 2 track, 70+ minute soundscape that finds Bates strip away the murky pop melodies of his previous projects for a whirring, tonally impenetrable wall of hovering, mesmeric synth-heavy drone.

EP10 is a follow up to SCHNAUZERWELT’s 2015 release entitled 09 and is comprised of the tracks “Clandestine” (22:32) and “Serpentine” (48:03).

Clandestine” begins a fluttering electronic lift-off that gradually takes flight after about six minutes and breaks away into a pulsating honk that pans back and forth between a dark rumble and a stimulating squeal for the remainder of the track. “Serpentine” buzzes a near fifty minute zone-out that slowly swallows its sonic space with a bewildering and atmospheric synth glow.

Cleanse your palate with some SCHNAUZERWELT drone via bandcamp:

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