Artist Applications are Open for Lawnya Vawnya 2018

St. John’s springtime exposition of independent art and culture will return for an eighth edition in 2018, and artist applications are now wide open and eagerly awaiting what you’ve been creating.

Lawnya Vawnya will be taking place in St. John’s from May 23rd-26th. If you’re not familiar with LV, the “good time by the sea” feels more like a warm and intimate celebration of arts and culture, and less like an impersonal music fest promotion. For seven straight successful editions, Lawnya Vawnya have stuck to their guns of nurturing a fun and inclusive long weekend that infuses downtown St. John’s with a unique spirit that captivates attendees and performers alike.

Come see what all the fuss is about. You can find the Lawnya Vawnya artist application here.

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