Revisiting a 2009 Interview with Blair Tulk of First Offence (1986 – 2015)

This week marks the four year anniversary since the St. John’s community lost a beloved friend, musician and all around force of positivity with the early passing of Blair Tulk on April 19th 2015. Blair was a source of sincere passion, which was particularly a true gift to the music community with the fourteen years he gave with his punk rock band, First Offence. Blair genuinely radiated positive energy in every aspect of his young life, and not a day goes by that he isn’t sorely missed.

Thanks to Rob Forward and the archived issue #2 of his Species at Risk punk zine, we’ve got an interview with Blair from a decade ago when First Offence self-released their self-recorded Cesspools EP in 2009 (which you can hear by scrolling to the bottom of the page)

“Here’s an interview I did with Blair Tulk for Species at Risk #2. This was just following the release of the Cesspools EP which is, in my opinion, one of the top three best skate punk albums from St. John’s, ever. I wasn’t close with Blair but I always thought he was one of the most passionate and kind people involved in St. John’s punk. The real deal. RIP.”
– Rob Forward

First Offence – “Cesspools of Filth and Corruption”:

First Offence – “Two Minutes Hate”:

First Offence – “End of an Era”:

Remembering Blair Tulk: 1986 – 2015

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