Video Premiere: “I Feel Unholy” by Property

Property are amidst a slew of eastern Canadian tour dates, and the St. John’s indie pop trio have been peddling exclusive copies of their brand new EP while on the road. In anticipation of their homecoming and tour-concluding show on May 10th, Property have unveiled a new video by visual artist Patrick Canning to accompany the EP’s first single: “I Feel Unholy“.

The new EP is entitled How to be Human, and if you haven’t had a chance to catch Property on their current tour—including an appearance at Kazoo! Fest in Guelph—”I Feel Unholy” is likely the first peep you’ll hear from the upcoming releaseH2BH is set to drop digitally on May 10th in conjunction with a show in St. John’s.

The video for “I Feel Unholy” is a dreamlike collaboration that brings Property’s atmospheric angular pop aura and Patrick Canning’s distinctive and detailed visual style to life in one striking and surreal animated episode.

“I’d been looking for an excuse to try some animation techniques I hadn’t tried before when Sarah [Harris] contacted me about doing a video for Property,” said Canning. “I’ve been a big fan of them since I first saw them a year or two ago so I was looking forward to going a bit over the top with it.”

The song not only directly dictates the movement of Canning’s visuals, but his interpretation of Harris’s words develops the tone and influences the loose narrative that washes over the video.

“The song has a great kinda lumbering groove to it so I immediately pictured something that has a lot of lateral movement, something that takes a journey somewhere,” Canning explained. “The lyrics seem to deal with a lot of different types of anxiety, with the idea about how every little interaction with someone could lead to the end I felt like any new character I introduce should destroy the previous.”

Something as simple as a single lyric resonating on a personal level is enough for an artist to to reach in and explore experience in an inadvertent and honest way. Even in Canning’s cascading sequence of surrealistic visuals, he can identify where that careful connection bleeds through the creative process.

“I connected to the line “I feel weird inside my body”, I’ve been in the process of figuring out how my own body works this year since I had my total gastrectomy surgery last summer. I didn’t consciously realize how directly I was referencing my own situation until I finished the skypig sequence and was like “maybe the doorway into his belly with guts full of unshaved legs is a bit too on the nose there Patrick”. Most of the rest of the video is a bit more indirectly related to the lyrics but I hope it captures enough of the spirit of the song and the band to do it’s job.”

Check out the video for “I Feel Unholyhere, and find Property’s full tour dates here:

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