The Top 10 Restaurants… Just Kidding, Here’s a Bunch of Harsh Noise

Today’s world is filled with a rushing stream of constant content that is being hurled at our heads at an incomprehensible rate. Sometimes it is necessary —for our own wellbeing— to just drone out and shut off. Sure, yoga and meditation is a thing, but what better (and cheaper) way to escape the personal bombardment of your day-to-day grind then to throw on a set of head phones, turn up some harsh droning noise, and stare at a fucking ceiling for an hour and a half?

Does that sound like something you’re open to? Ok great, because we’ve collected some of the Atlantic Canadian noise projects released so far in 2018. From whirring power electronics and ambient sound collages, to harsh noise and bellowing black metal, here is some anti-music that has been buzzing from the east coast:

Aaiesieux (Newfoundland)
# / drone / power electronics / harsh noise

# / drone / ambient

Women of the Pore (New Brunswick)
# / drone / bunker jazz / sound collage

ZEIT (New Brunswick)
# / black noise / blackened drone / dark ambient

Krummholz (New Brunswick)
# / black metal / drone metal

Panties (Nova Scotia)
# / harsh noise / power electronics

Mackle Jackle (Newfoundland)
# / drone / improv

Merlin Mortician (New Brunswick)
# / dark ambient / harsh noise

Acid Fax (New Brunswick)
# / harsh noise / glitch / ambient

Is there some noise we missed? Drop your links in the comments below, or @ us on twitter and instagram.

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Botfly, photo by Dan Smith

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