PENSION Clothing Celebrates Canada, Weed and Stoner Metal With Limited Edition T-Shirt

There has been no shortage of commemorative nods to Canada’s legalization of cannabis since October 17th’s historic shift in legislation. For New Brunswick’s PENSION Clothing, the blunt celebration has taken the form of a limited edition t-shirt bearing the logo of the ultimate Canadian stoner metal band that has yet to exist. Behold: the mighty Cannabis Lumberjack

PENSION – FREE DOPE 2018 from PENSION Clothing on Vimeo.

Vancouver designer Taylor Bourque has united in give’r with PENSION Clothing for this literally breathtaking tee that will leave a bong rip in your wardrobe. The CannaJack is available by pre-order only at PENSION’s head… I mean, web shop. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a nug of true cannabis Canadiana.

“Wow, I never thought I’d see anything like this in my lifetime”, said PENSION represenatibe Paul Robichaud. “Free dope across Canada… ‘Magine!”

The soundtrack to PENSION’s 2018 dope show is courtesy of Moncton’s Diner Drugs, a band that truly embodies the haziest of national occasions.

“Me and the boys at the Union Hall are all beyond happy to have legalization now part of the PENSION plan here in Canada,” said Robichaud.

You can pledge your allegiance to the Free Dope 2018 movement via PENSION Clothing right here:

What you need to know about Newfoundland’s cannabis legislation:


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