What You Need to Know About Legal Weed This Week in Newfoundland

As the clock strikes midnight tonight, 12AM on October 17th, 2018, Newfoundland dispensaries will have the opportunity to be the first transaction of legal recreational weed in Canada since 1923.

As Newfoundland, like the rest of Canada, is scrambling to get ready for marijuana legalization, there here has been a flurry of speculation as to what the initial rules and regulations of law abiding cannabis consumption will look like.

We collected all the nugs of legal weed info, and we’ve assembled our User Friendly guide as to what you should know:

Purchasing weed on October 17th:

  • 70% of NL’s population will be within 50 kilometres of a physical dispensary.
  • At least 20 stores, as well as an online service, will be open for business on October 17th.
  • The NLC service under Cannabis NL will be the only permitted source of online marijuana sales in NL as of legalization.
  • Weed will be sold in three price tiers: economy, mid-stream and premium. Prices will have a broad range between $6-$13 a gram.
  • During this introductory period, cannabis will only legally be sold in the form of flower, plants, seeds and oils. Other products such as edibles and concentrates are “still under review by Health Canada with a decision pending in 2019.”
  • The NL Liquor Corporation acknowledges there may be a national issue with maintaining supply to meet the demand, but is confident the province is on track, given their contract with Canopy Growth.

    What you can possess:

  • NLers can legally carry and purchase 30 grams at a time.
  • There is no limit on how much weed you can store or possess in your home.
  • You can grow up to four plants per household.
  • Landlords have the right to restrict the growing of marijuana on their properties

    Where to toke:

  • You can smoke weed in your private residence, as well as in your yard.
  • It is legal to consume cannabis in a hotel room or apartment unit, subject to restrictions by the owner / operator.
  • It is also legal to consume on a campsite, subject to restrictions by the park owner / operator.
  • You will not be able to toke in a public place, a motor vehicle or a boat.
  • Landlords have the right to restrict the smoking of cannabis on their properties.
  • Tokers with valid medical marijuana authorization can consume medical cannabis in a public place where smoking or vaping is permitted.

    Weed on wheels:

  • There will be a zero tolerance for THC levels in novice drivers, and drivers under the age 22.
  • For those 22+, 2 nanograms of THC will be the legal limit for driving.
  • There will be roadside standardized field sobriety tests. Drivers seemed impaired will be further subjected to a Drug Recognition Evaluator 12-step test at a Police station. The 12-step test includes “questions and psychophysical tests, including a blood or urine test to determine drug impairment”.
  • The Federal Government has approved a roadside screening device to detect cannabis in drivers and plans to set maximum permitted blood levels for THC. New tools will be deployed by police in Newfoundland and Labrador as they become available.
  • Drivers found to be impaired while driving will face driver licence suspensions, vehicle impoundment, fines, criminal charges, and/or time in jail and, if convicted, a criminal record.
  • Passengers cannot consume cannabis while in a vehicle.
  • Weed must be kept in its sealed packaging and not be accessible to anyone in a vehicle.

Warning to the green shade of the grey market:

  • The Cannabis Control Act gives the NLC full authority to deal with dispensaries who have currently been operating outside of legalization.
  • The NLC are offering a forewarning that they have full intentions of a crackdown on those operating outside of the legal system come October 17th.

Sources: Cannabis NL FAQ, Cannabis NL Legislation, Government of Newfoundland & Labrador Cannabis Guidelines, Sean Ryan, vice-president of regulatory services and social responsibility with the Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, via CBC

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