Newsbag: Danny Williams Hits the Field in Softball Melee

The Newsbag for September 4th, 2018:

The Ninth Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador Takes to the Field Amid Softball Scuffle

Photo by Jim Ivey/Hants Journal

As a hard-nosed lawyer, a cutthroat business man, and the controversial ninth Premier of Newfoundland & Labrador, we should all know by now that Danny Williams is always up for a scrap.

On Saturday night at the Canadian senior men’s fastpitch championship in St. Croix, N.S., Newfoundland’s Galway Hitmen shut out the B.C. Loggers, but not before inciting two bench-clearing brawls.

The first conflict ensued when Hitmen baserunner Mathieu Roy retaliated aggressively to Loggers’ catcher Kyle Cowick’s position at the plate that effectively tagged Roy out. Both teams went from swinging bats to swinging fists in a scuffle that saw the former Premier, and owner of the Galway Hitmen, make his way onto the field.

The Loggers Manager John Bishop said Williams “had no business” on the field as he was “not a coach or manager and was not in uniform.”

Bishop is taking matters into his own hands regarding the former Premier’s presence as he says he will personally “see if Softball Canada officials had taken note of it.”

Full Story via The Hants Journal 
Full Story via The Telegram

Lets not forget some other famous scraps involving Danny Williams, including that time he debated the seal hunt with The McCartney’s on Larry King Live in 2006… Which was also the time Paul McCartney was in P.E.I and thought it was Newfoundland.

The pilot of a small plane that crashed into a wooded area of Lower Island Cove, N.L. on Monday was lucky enough to walk away from the scene on his own two feet.

Photo by Ed Hopkins:

The plane had stopped to refuel at a nearby pond when it failed to take off and crashed into the sticks. Miraculously, no injuries have been reported.

Full story and more photos via VOCM

People are Gathering to Watch a Sinkhole Swallow a Park in Nova Scotia

A park in Oxford, N.S. has been losing ground to an aggressive crater that is rapidly swallowing trees, picnic benches, and portions of a parking lot. Watch here.

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