Three Poems by Samantha Fitzpatrick

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Samantha Fitzpatrick is a self-proclaimed “cluttered mind and over-thinker”. Despite her beginnings in spoken word and slam poetry, she has recently “found solace in minimalism”.

Heavily influenced by the brevity and sharpness of poet Souvankham Thammavongsa, Fitzpatrick seeks to recreate the power of small moments in her work.

Samantha was born on the west coast of Newfoundland, but currently resides in St. John’s.

No Map to the Future, No Roadside Assistance

Highway stranded. Wrong
side, white line. Engine
smoke through windows.

Adjust the mirrors, over-shoulder
check – no street lights, no
sense of direction.

Only grey pavement, wet.

Trying to Touch Tomorrow

I lie on ocean
shores, scour
horizons, search
signs of tomorrow in

My toes will never
reach, never be
dipped in dawn’s sweet
light. I stretch, careful
not to get too close.

These Nights Are Never Silent

Your figure shakes
lines to vibrations.

Fingers locked, you
pulsate through me.

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