Watch Penny Blacks Jam on a Boat in Mahone Bay

Sitting on the dock of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, Penny Blacks stripped down to their roots rock skivvies for the Tiny Boat Concerts video sessions.

Tiny Boat Concerts is a live music video project that was, according to their online mission statement, “conceived in the summer of 2016 with the goal of capturing some good music, with good people, in a good place”.

We last checked up on Penny Blacks at the release of their video for “Black Wool“, and it was amidst that fall tour in support of their Long Lights album that they became the the 11th band to be captured by Tiny Boat Concerts.

Check out the floating renditions of “Black Wool” and “Good Dog” here:

Tiny Boat Concerts – Penny Blacks – Black Wool from Tiny Boat Concerts on Vimeo.

Tiny Boat Concerts – Penny Blacks – Good Dog from Tiny Boat Concerts on Vimeo.

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