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See You at Sappy

Swamp magic is a special intoxicant available only at SappyFest. It’s the type of magic produced when you take one of the best curated festivals in Canada, put it in one of New Brunswick’s most picturesque towns, and hold it every year on one of the best weekends of the summer.

Why I’m Stoked to Play SappyFest

BD Allison gets sappy for Sappy with a self-deprecating account of his transition from supporter to performer for this years fest. Allison will be hitting the stage with Jacuzzi Perth at SappyFest X this weekend in Sackville, NB.

Welcome Home: A Personal Account of SappyFest 9

Aside from the music, it’s as much about the people and the place. I live in Sackville and the build-up to Sappy is the best kind of unbearable. The town is abuzz weeks leading up with the promise of good times ahead. SappyFest is by far my favourite music festival and I’ll keep attending as long as they keep happening.