Looks Like They Made It: Lineup and Preparation for SappyFest X

SAPPY10In 2006 the genial soul of Sackville, NB’s, art community inaugurated an annual independent arts and music festival that continues to steal our hearts every summer with it’s mid-August jubilee.

That jubilee is SappyFest, and this year it’s celebrating it’s 10th birthday.

Last week the full lineup was unveiled for SappyFest 10: Looks Like We Made It, and the roster stacks acts new and old, and alphabetically looks like this:

Adrian Teacher & The Subs, Anamai, Andrew Sisk, Angel Olsen, B.A. Johnston, Chris Meaney, Construction & Destruction, Crosss, Diana, Doldrums, Frog Eyes, Heat, Human Music, Jacuzzi Perth, Jennifer Castle, Jon Mckiel, Last Ex, Les Hay Babies, Little You, Little Me, Look Vibrant, Michael Feurstack, Moonsocket, Moss Lime, Mozart’s Sister, Nancy Pants, Nap Eyes, New Fries, Partner, Pup, Sea Oleena, Shotgun Jimmie, Solids, Speedy Ortiz, Strange Attractor, The Legendary Golden River Show Band, The Lonely Parade, Vogue Dots, Walrus

After last year’s festival wrapped, Scott Brown gave us a personal account of the bash that was SappyFest 9, but this year we wanted to get a little taste of what the pre-planning looks like.


Photo by Corey J. Isenor, www.coreyjisenor.com

We picked the brain of SappyFest creative director Lucas Hicks on the planning process, and what we can expect for the decennial anniversary of Sappy.

So, Sappy is turning ten and the announced lineup looks like the perfect celebration of what the festival has come to represent.

Was the benchmark year a conscious factor in forming the lineup for SappyFest X?

Most definitely. We wanted to keep the same vibe that everyone has come to know and love but also give up new offerings, you know? It’s the end of a decade and the beginning of a new one.

While retaining the familiarities and the “little fest that could” charm, what’s new in the books for this years installment of SappyFest?

We’re currently planning tons of new shenanigans. SappyFest co-founder and visual artist Jon Claytor will be doing an outdoor exhibit, David Barclay (of Coach Longlegs) will be DJing for 72 hours straight and there’s also been talk of a very exclusive Guided By Voices sing along with certain Sappy celebs.

Any personal recommendations from this years lineup that should be a newcomer on people’s radars?

I can’t get enough of Solids since seeing them last October. The live show was phenomenal and the record is just as good. I also think Sackville locals Partner are ready to take the world by storm.

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