Watch: “Shootin’ The Gift” by Hip Club Groove

Recognize the MC? Before being simply known as Cory on the Trailer Park Boys, Cory Bowles was dropping bars as Cheklove Shakil of Truro, Nova Scotia’s Hip Club Groove.

Shootin the Gift” is from the album Trailer Park Hip Hop which was released on Sloan’s Murderecords in 1994. Writer and director Mike Clattenburg has said in interviews that the title and aesthetic of the album helped inspire the setting of Sunnyvale in what would become his highly successful franchise of Trailer Park Boys.

Cory isn’t the only familiar Nova Scotian face in the the “Shootin’ the Gift” video. The first character seen in the video is portrayed by his future TPB co-star Jonathan Torrens (pre-J-Roc), as well a young Buck 65.

Cory’s bandmates D-Rock and DJ Moves went on to link up for a stint with Len, and are featured on their best known 1999 album You Can’t Stop the Bum Rush. #stealmysunshine

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