Watch Bawnie Oulton perform “These Days” on Kinda Kountry in St. John’s (1978)

Here is Bawnie Oulton effortlessly crooning a smokey rendition of “These Days” by Jackson Browne on an episode of CBC’s Kinda Kountry filmed in St. John’s circa 1978. Trust us, it hits the spot.

Oulton began her musical career with The Ardor Folk in Windsor in the 1960s, continued as a member of Pepper Tree in Halifax later that decade, and even contributed vocals for the debut album from Newfoundland’s Wonderful Grand Band in 1978.

In addition to music, Bawnie Oulton was also a published poet. Her written work can be found in her 1978 Fiddlehead Poetry Books collection entitled Pocket Crumbs.

Bawnie Oulton 1950-2010.

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