Banter From the Bunker: The Blog is Back

Military Road, 1910. Photo via The Rooms

“How’ve you been keeping during this goddamn of a harsh winter? Is your back shot form shovelling record snowfalls yet? Has your seasonal affective disorder cranked into high gear? Are your drinking too much and sleeping too little? Or, are you sleeping so much that you’re falling behind on text messages, emails and basic friendships?”

Sadly, I wrote those words in an unpublished Secret East post back in February. You know, that simpler time when Newfoundland was finally regaining it’s bearings after the Snowmaggedon storm locked St. John’s into a a state of emergency for a week. Yes, you heard me! A whole week!

Now it is late March and the idea of a week at home while snow plows struggle to carve out some resemblance of city streets sounds like a fucking vacation.

For those who may stumble upon this post sometime in the future (y’know, “the survivors” as we’ll call you), type March 2020 into Wikipedia, and I’m sure it’ll take you directly to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though some of the province hasn’t quite wrapped it’s head around the concept, Newfoundland & Labrador has been in a public health state of emergency since March 18th.

In a pre-pandemic world, I had spent the first few months of the year plotting a relaunch of the Secret East blog. While we never seem to stop yammering on social media and compulsively sharing shit we think is cool, the blog has been largely inactive since the latter part of 2019.

We were working on a new web layout, new format, new slew of channels and platforms, and a bunch of fresh content. Unfortunately, the new web layout and format are not quite finished, but all the other pots on the back burner have quickly began to boil over.

Besides, we are in a goddamn pandemic and can’t leave our homes. I don’t know when I’ll have this much time on my hands ever again.

This is the part where I should probably offer some sound advice or a hot take on whats going on, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Our newsfeeds are already bombarded with everything COVID-19 and its changing every day.

Instead, I will simply say: wash your hands, stay home as much as possible, physically stay away from your friends and family but check in on them often, and please source information before sharing it on social media.

We will resume rolling out some new content, as well as some archival pieces, and hopefully help distract, inform and entertain a few people with our persistent obsession of Atlantic Canada’s best kept secrets.

For the rest of ye who don’t care about what we do: bugger off and go livestream some pushups, or whatever you folks are into.


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