Watch: The Return of Dig up the Dead (April 21st, 2018)

St. John’s resident thrash trio have returned after a five year hiatus.

Dig up the Dead hit the Rockhouse stage on Saturday night for a heavy metal homecoming with their pals Mutank (MTL), Emblem and Goreforge.

To follow up on our track selection of “D.O.W. (Dealer of Weed)” last month, we thought it was only appropriate to capture the live 2018 version. Spoiler: song still rips.

He’s got that shit in his trunk
a sandwich bag of brown bunk 
he lies and says it’s red hairs
full of stalk and shit, he don’t care.

Light it up and hope for the best
but every toke is a stab in the chest
the only reason the shit ain’t free
Is cause it’s on delivery.

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