SE@LV 2017: 33 Videos to Set The Mood for Lawnya Vawnya 7

For the seventh year in a row, the long awaited feeling of spring will officially shake St. John’s awake as Lawnya Vawnya: An Exposition of Independent Art and Culture is set to illuminate the city’s downtown from May 10-13th.

Chapter seven of Lawnya Vawnya features: Wolf Parade, Dilly Dally, Hooded Fang, Richard Laviolette, Jaunt, Chippy Nonstop, Jim Bryson, Phedre, Helena Deland, Luka, Not You, Jake Nicoll, Klarka Weinwurm, Steve Maloney, India, Property, Charlotte Cornfield, Motherhood, Owen Steel, Catalina Reapers, New You, Renders, Pete Casey & the Vikkies, Dead Beat Poet Society, Chloë Doucet, Yee Grlz, Rough Hands, Townhouse, AE Bridger, Big Space, Swellheads, MAANS, Ribbon Tied, Bleu, Jenina Macgillivray, GOON, Dormitories, It Could Be Frankie, BBQT, Krystle Hayden, Hot Biscuit, Aiseo, & Long Night with Vish Khanna. 

In addition to the overwhelming medley of musical acts, Lawnya Vawnya Seven will also include panels, workshops, a film screening, readings, artist talks and music crawls.

Need help planning? Consult the schedule below!

As you can see, the four day itinerary for Lawnya Vawnya Seven is packed to the gills with unmissable shows, talks, panels and fairs. After you familiarize yourself with the schedule above to optimally navigate your extra long weekend, check out this 33 video playlist we assembled to set the mood for Lawnya Vawnya Seven:

Joining in on the festivities, we’ll be presenting a show on Friday night at the Peter Easton Pub featuring Motherhood (Fredericton, NB) and Dead Beat Poet Society (Montréal, QC), along with locals Ribbon Tied and Swellheads. The show will be starting promptly at 10:30PM, so don’t be late! You can follow our event on Facebook to stay up to date on set times.

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