Catch The Van Buren Boys in “S08E14”

Attention, this is not a torrent.

Ahead of The Van Buren Boys debut album from Brokest Records on Friday, April 21st, the ceaseless and playfully brash Newfoundland duo consisting of rappers Moyst and g_sm00th have shared a new video in the form of “VBB S08E14“.

“The Van Buren Boys is a moniker we’ve been crafting music and performing under since late 2015” explains g_sm00th. “It started through a couple of songs we recorded that followed a pretty standard formula of long-winded, aggressive rap verses on top of dusty, sampled production with a little bit of live instrumentation layered in.”

While The VBB sound rollicks in the realm of unbothered spontaneity, not a verse goes by without a flash of gaudy craftsmanship from two emcees eager to find new sides of their skills to sharpen.

“It was sort of our place to just go off on the mic without worrying too much about complex themes or trying to stay current with what’s going on in hip hop today” says g_sm00th. “We continued this writing and recording process on and off for the next bit of time while simultaneously sharing the stage and performing a lot of the new material when either of us would have a solo set, or being billed as the Van Buren Boys.”

From the duo’s Seinfeldian namesake, to the sampled dialogue and TV theme-like instrumentation, The Van Buren Boys further their television motif with a visual for “VBB S08E14” that feels more like a title sequence than a music video.

“The name comes from our love of Seinfeld and our natural attraction to a fictional gang that mainly operates out of a pizzeria, strong arming Cosmo Kramer when he’s only trying to throw some chili flakes on his slice” quips g_sm00th. “It’s a funny analogy because a lot of the music is very aggressive and angry in sound, but many of themes are humorous or exaggerated. It’s kind of like Clint Eastwood and George Costanza combined.”

Not unlike Seinfeld, The Van Buren Boys swing their technique with an approach that emphasizes colorful characters and antics without the restrictive hood of an overriding plot. While the unpredictable delivery gives off waves of bragadocious freestyle, The Van Buren Boys have added a structured theatrical element of a live band to their performances.

“We wanted to freshen up the live experience and make it something truly memorable” says G_sm00th. “So we added some friends and collaborators from Joe Grizzly, Adam Heffernan from Hear/Say & GOON, Don Mackey on the keys, and female emcee Steffi providing additional vocals and performing new material of her own.”

The Van Buren Boys debut album drops on April 21st via Brokest Records, and you can catch them on stage that very same night at the Factory in St. John’s, NL for the official VBB album release party.

Catch The Van Buren Boys on April 21st at the Factory with MC SNAX, Carlyle and more. 

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