The Time Glen Carter Starred in an Axe Body Spray Commercial

What if I told you that Glen Carter was not only a news anchor, but also an actor playing a news anchor. In 2006 a news hit from a small Alaskan town called Ravenstoke went viral; the video features Newfoundland’s own NTV News anchor Glen Carter playing reporter Chuck Peterson. Ravenstoke, Chuck Peterson and the story in the video are all made up, but the weirdness is very real.

According to Peterson, Ravenstoke had a 3-1 male to female ratio, which was a major concern for the residents. To combat the issue, the men of the town figured they could use ‘scents’ to attract women, just as they’d witnessed happening in the wild. The residents go around spraying the scent, then lo and behold, the town is overrun with women.Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 4.48.42 PM

The image which stands out the most to me is of Glen Carter delivering his thoughts while wildlife, who are apparently as interested in the smell of a high school locker room as humans, pour into Ravenstoke to get coital.

A couple notable things about this commercial besides the fact that it’s completely ridiculous;

While they do not actually say the words “Axe body spray” in the commercial, the logo appears on the trucks carrying the scents, and at one point they unceremoniously drop the slogan “spray more get more.”

The reason this commercial even exists is because in 2006, Axe hired an advertising firm which is aptly called The Viral Factory. According to the advertising blog This is NOT Advertising, The Viral Factory was “established in 2001,” and is an “award-winning digital marketing and media company.” The article goes on to say that “to date, their work has generated over a billion views worldwide.” What The Viral Factory does for companies like Axe is “… turn brand messaging into cultural currency by creating content that people actively seek out and share with their friends.” The video has been re-uploaded several times and has garnered an incredible amount of traffic since its creation, so why are you only just seeing it now?

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