Found Footage: KRS-One Lectures in Halifax (2008)

KRS-ONE live in Halifax from Jorun Bombay on Myspace in 2008.

krsoneHalifax, Nova Scotia is no stranger to legendary hip-hop. Having developed one of the earliest prolific rap scenes in Canada, the city has long been a main attraction for touring MC’s and DJ’s since the likes of Afrika Bambaataa and Public Enemy rolled through in the mid-late 1980’s. In 2008, hip-hop pioneer KRS-One sojourned to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a gig at the Marquee.

Many rappers talk about “dropping knowledge” and “dropping science”, but KRS realized the phrases when, in addition to his show, he spontaneously lectured for three hours at the University of King’s College. Touching mainly on the birth and development of hip-hop in the boroughs of 1970’s and 80’s New York, KRS wowed the college crowd by going 180 uninterrupted minutes off the top. Details about the lecture are scarce, and the seemingly impromptu nature of the talk may speak to why it was poorly documented.

While the video shows several camera’s in the packed King’s College lecture hall, this found footage is the most evidence you can find of KRS-One’s Halifax lecture. This cut is so deep that we had to dig through dated MySpace archives for the crucial video upload from Halifax’s legendary DJ Jorun Bombay.

Watch and learn. After all, KRS has always been the teacha.

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